A listing of sensitive species maintained by SANBI

Sensitive species are those that are vulnerable or potentially vulnerable to collecting, over-exploitation, commercial and/or medicinal use. 

SANBI will not release locality information for these species.  This information can only be provided subject to approval from a committee consisting of experts on the relevant taxa. Applications for access can be submitted here.

The National Sensitive Species List is in the process of being compiled by experts. If a species does not appear on this list it may still be under evaluation. 

Due to the large number of plant species, the  identification of sensitive plant species are being conducted in two phases. The first phase is to develop a list of genera with associate candidate sensitive plant species, and the second phase entails the assessment of these candidate sensitive species. The list of plant genera that may contain sensitive plant species can be downloaded from here. The final list of sensitive plant species will be published upon completion of the full assessment.

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SANBI are currently in the process of evaluating species and the list on this website is not ready for use. You may Download the 2010 list instead.

Name Type Is sensitive Changed
Psammobates geometricus Reptiles Yes 2018-07-10 View
Smaug giganteus Reptiles Yes 2018-07-09 View
Manticora mygaloides Beetles No 2018-04-13 View
Manticora scabra Beetles No 2018-04-13 View
Manticora sichelii Beetles No 2018-04-13 View
Manticora skrabali Beetles No 2018-04-13 View
Manticora tibialis Beetles No 2018-04-13 View
Manticora tuberculata Beetles No 2018-04-13 View
Manticora werneri Beetles No 2018-04-13 View
Oonotus adspersus Beetles No 2018-04-13 View