Encephalartos heenanii

Assessor: Sarah Schumann

Sensitive in 2010
Reason for the sensitivity status
This taxon is deemed not sensitive as it is considered Extinct in the Wild.
Exploitation extent
None - this species and its close relatives are not exploited, collected, traded or utilized in a targeted manner.
Justification and references

The currently unpublished Red List Assessment for this species lists it as Extinct in the Wild. “A  recent survey found no plants left in the wild” (Bösenberg. DW, personal communication 2021, 1 December). 

Population vulnerability
Targeted demographics
Mature (breeding) individuals are killed, significantly weakened or are permanently removed from the wild, OR immature individuals are targeted and this significantly impacts mature (breeding) individuals.
Regeneration potential
This species has a slow population growth rate, or the growth rate varies depending on habitat, and there is a poor chance the wild populations will recover from exploitation OR a collector might feasibly harvest the entire extant population removing the chance of subsequent recruitment.