Aloeides monticola

Assessor: Dave Edge

Sensitive in 2010
Exploitation extent
None - this species and its close relatives are not exploited, collected, traded or utilized in a targeted manner.
Population vulnerability
Population is vulnerable: size is <= 2500 mature individuals OR the number of known subpopulations is <= 5 OR range is <= 100km2 OR species at risk of localised extinctions
Justification and references

This species is a Rare - Restricted Range endemic from the Western Cape Province. 

Pringle, E.L. 1994. Four new Lycaenidae from the Cape Province, South Africa. Metamorphosis 5(3): 107-114.

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Regeneration potential
This species has a slow population growth rate, or the growth rate varies depending on habitat, and there is a poor chance the wild populations will recover from exploitation OR a collector might feasibly harvest the entire extant population removing the chance of subsequent recruitment.