Ceropegia antennifera

Assessor: Sarah Schumann

Sensitive in 2010
Reason for the sensitivity status
This species is Extinct.This genus is in demand and of popular interest in international horticultural trade. Other species from this genus are known to be threatened by harvesting of wild individuals for horticultural purposes.
Exploitation extent
None - this species and its close relatives are not exploited, collected, traded or utilized in a targeted manner.
Justification and references

According to the SANBI Red List Assessment, this species is Extinct as it has been collected once and has failed to be relocated (Peckover & Victor, 2006).

Peckover, R. & Victor, J.E. 2006. Ceropegia antennifera Schltr. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2020.1.

Population vulnerability
Targeted demographics
Regeneration potential