A listing of sensitive species maintained by SANBI

Sensitive species are those that are vulnerable or potentially vulnerable to collecting, over-exploitation, commercial and/or medicinal use. 

SANBI will not release locality information for these species.  This information can only be provided subject to approval from a committee consisting of experts on the relevant taxa. Applications for access can be submitted here.

The National Sensitive Species List constantly changes as new data becomes available. If a species does not appear on this list it may still be under evaluation. Alternatively, if there is a species that needs to be added please contact us for assistance. 

Lists of sensitive species are published upon completion of the full assessment, see previous lists here.

Name Type Is sensitive Sort descending Changed
Haworthia monticola Plants No 2022-08-31 View
Haworthia pulchella Plants No 2022-08-31 View
Haworthia zantneriana var. zantneriana  Plants No 2022-08-31 View
Kedestes sarahae Butterflies No 2018-03-13 View
Aloeides trimeni southeyae Butterflies No 2018-03-13 View
Orachrysops violescens Butterflies No 2018-03-13 View
Dira swanepoeli isolata Butterflies No 2018-03-13 View
Ornipholidotos peucetia penningtoni Butterflies No 2018-03-13 View
Chrysoritis beaufortia charlesi Butterflies No 2018-03-13 View
Chrysoritis irene Butterflies No 2018-03-13 View